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Re:sound #105: The Into the Music Show

This hour: a peek into auditions at one of the most competitive conservatories in Australia, and more.

2009 / TCF / WBEZ, USA

This hour: a peek into auditions at one of the most competitive conservatories in Australia, and more.

Sounds of Democracy
by Elizabeth Chur (Salt Institute for Documentary Studies, 2005)
When you think of libraries, you don't think of noise. Libraries are quiet places full of tiny, subtle sounds: pages turning, fingers tapping on computer keyboards, nothing much louder than a librarian stamping a book during check out. But the public library in Portland, Maine, defies this stereotype of the library as a hushed sanctuary. In addition to books, the library has a public piano, which draws people from all over the city who want to hang out in the practice room and play.

The Audition: Into the School of Music
by Kyla Brettle (Into the Music, ABC, 2009)
The Victorian College of the Arts School of Music is much harder to get into than the practice room at the Portland public library. It's one of Australia's most well-respected and exclusive conservatories, and every year some of Australia's most driven young musicians compete for a few spots in the program. Producer Kyla Brettle followed a few students through their anxiety-inducing auditions.

This episode of Re:sound was produced by Delaney Hall.

produced by

Elizabeth Chur

Elizabeth Chur is a writer and radio producer for B-Side Radio.

Kyla Brettle

Kyla Brettle is an independent media practitioner with a focus in audio documentary production.

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