Re:sound #151 The Little Feet / Big Adventures Show

This week: Little feet on big adventures.

2011 / TCF/WBEZ 91.5, USA

This week: Little feet on big adventures.

Don't Go Far, Your Dinner's Nearly Ready
by Ronan Kelly and Paul Russell (RTE, Documentary on One, 2010)
What kid doesn't love an adventure? You know, scavenging through alleys, trying to nick a candy bar, venturing far afield. Well, there's far afield -- as in one neighborhood over -- and then there's the kind of far afield that makes international headlines.

Very Precious Thing
by Dominic Girard (CBC, Day 6, 2010)
Every parent knows: eventually, children leave you, usually when they reach adulthood. But sometimes this natural order of things gets rearranged, and this separation comes earlier, as was the case with the Canadian family in Very Precious Thing. One day the phone rang, faith and fate collided, and a call from India changed their lives forever.

This episode of Re:sound was produced by Katie Mingle.

produced by

Ronan Kelly

Ronan Kelly is a producer with RTE Radio 1 in Ireland.

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