Midwifing The Story: The Art of Editing

Block A: Friday (11am-12:15pm) / Saturday (2pm-3:15pm)

Block A: Friday (11am-12:15pm) / Saturday (2pm-3:15pm)

Bringing new stories, series, and shows into the world can be a lot like labor. There’s the initial conception and development, followed by a period of effort, agony, exhaustion, and borderline despair. And then there’s a kind of miracle: delivering something totally new into the world.

Editing can be messy, invigorating, painful, and filled with joy, all at once. No matter how new or experienced you are with the process, you’ll leave this session with tools from senior radio editor Jen Chien (Reveal from the Center for Investigative Reporting) to lead the way as an editor and guide producers through, without sacrificing rigor or craft.


Jen Chien

Jen Chien (@j_chien) is a senior radio editor for Reveal from the Center for Investigative Reporting and PRX. In her 2019 Breakout Session, Jen will address the urgent demand for audio editors by illuminating the path to becoming a great one.