Re:sound #218 The Odd Couples Show (Live!)

This hour we're live at the Hideout in Chicago with stories of pairs who are complete opposites, but utterly entwined.

2016 / TCF / WBEZ 91.5, USA

This hour we're live at the Hideout in Chicago with stories of pairs who are complete opposites, but utterly entwined.

The Sitter Dispatch by Maya Goldberg-Safir & Dennis Funk ( Re:sound debut, 2015) Straight out of college, Maya was living in her cousins' attic and working a part-time, unpaid internship. Then she took a job as a nanny that turned out to be nothing like she'd expected.

Gamun-Pyul by Rayon Wright ( Radio Rookies , WNYC 2010) Rayon Wright was born in Jamaica and raised in Brooklyn. Though he grew up surrounded with Jamaican culture and music, he wants more than anything to producer Korean music (or K-Pop). A lot of non-Asian teenagers like Hello Kitty or Japanese Anime, but Rayon's love for Asian culture goes far beyond that.

Grote's Notes by Gwen Macsai & Dennis Funk ( Re:sound debut, 2016) Re:sound host Gwen Macsai tells the story of her unlikely friendship with a bank robber. Write Dan Grote: Dan Grote #22670-424 USP Canaan U.S. Penitientiary P.O. Box 300 Waymart, PA 18472

This episode of Re:sound was recorded live at The Hideout in Chicago. Special thanks to Johanna Zorn, Sarah Geis, Maya Goldberg-Safir, Louie Cheney, the Cheney Family, Radio Rookies, WNYC, Rayon Wright, Dan Grote, Jerry Bischoff (Dan's lawyer), Phil Smith, Steve Pickering (who read exceprts from Dan Grote’s letters) and Ryan Hembrey of The Hideout (for his help recording our live show).

This episode of Re:sound was produced (LIVE) by Dennis Funk

produced by

Maya Goldberg-Safir

Maya Goldberg-Safir is TCIAF's artistic director, taking a leadership role in shaping the Festival's artistic programming as well as marketing/publicizing our efforts.

Rayon Wright

Rayon Wright produced this story with Radio Rookies when he was eighteen years old.

Gwen Macsai

Gwen Macsai hosts Third Coast's radio programs Re:sound and Best of the Best.

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