Re:sound #249 The Pocket Conference Show Part 2

This hour we're going behind-the-scenes at two top podcasts: The Daily and 99% Invisible .

2018 / TCF / WBEZ 91.5, USA

This hour we're going behind-the-scenes at two top podcasts: The Daily and 99% Invisible .

Bringing Together Narrative and News [excerpt]
presented by Lisa Tobin and Michael Barbaro of The Daily from The New York Times
When the New York Times got into the podcast business in 2017, they hired producer Lisa Tobin, a public radio veteran, as executive producer. Lisa and her team went in thinking they would make one type of podcast and came out with something completely different. The form they inadvertently invented was The Daily, a twenty-minute deep dive into the news that to applies documentary story structure to traditional journalism. They must be doing something right, since The Daily shot right to the top of the podcast charts. At the 2017 Third Coast Conference, Lisa Tobin the show’s host, Michael Barbaro, discussed what they’ve learned from the first nine months of making The Daily.

The Past Isn't Past [excerpt]
presented by Delaney Hall of 99% Invisible
At the 2017 Third Coast Conference, Delaney Hall shared a range of stories that trace a line from the past to the present — using deep reporting to understand the world around us. During the session, Delaney drew on her experiences as a producer and editor with 99% Invisible , as well as work from other history-centric podcasts like Uncivil , More Perfect and Scene on Radio . She also shared tips on how to frame and structure stories about the past, how to source archival material and how to bring dead characters and lost places to life in sound.

This episode of Re:sound was produced by Dennis Funk

produced by

Lisa Tobin

Lisa Tobin (@lisannette) is the Editor of Audio at The New York Times, where she oversees programming, including The Daily , Caliphate , and Still Processing .

Michael Barbaro

Michael Barbaro is the host and managing editor of The Daily, a podcast from The New York Times.

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