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Re:sound #272 Radio Residents

This week, three stories by alumni of the Third Coast Radio Residency.

2019 / TCF / 91.5 WBEZ, USA

This week, three stories by alumni of the Third Coast Radio Residency.

The making of a Chinese American beauty queen
by Hannah Kingsley-Ma; edited by Jen Chien & mixed by Gabe Grabin for KALW.
Every Lunar New Year, Chinese American women from across the country travel to San Francisco to participate in the Miss Chinatown USA pageant — an ethnic beauty pageant that’s been a national event since the late fifties.

Little Wrist Computer
by James T. Green for Welcome to Macintosh .
The Apple Watch sometimes gets a bad rap. Some people complain about it being useless, a dumb, frivolous toy. But one person thinks differently.

by Erisa Apantaku ( Re:sound debut).
After moving back in with dad, producer Erisa Apantaku notices a strange sound coming from the house.

This episode of Re:sound was produced by Isabel Vázquez.

The 2019 Third Coast Radio Residency begins on May 14. Learn more about this year’s Residents.

“Can You See the Light?” Genki The Producer [Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 International]
“Pulse” Lee Rosevere and Daniel Birch (Event Horizon, 2019)

produced by

James T. Green

James (@_jamestgreen) is a producer at Gimlet Creative. As a Story Doctor at the 2019 Third Coast Conference, James will meet one-on-one with producers to treat their story ailments.

Erisa Apantaku

Erisa Apantaku (@erisa_apantaku) is a queer, Black audio producer and uninvited guest on the lands of the Miami, Peoria, Potawatomi peoples, and more (Checagou/Chicagoland.) As a speaker at the 2019 Late Night Provocations, Erisa will be joined by colleague & friend Jenny Casas for a short talk about the possibilities of making story-telling more generative and less extractive.

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