Re:sound #197 The Randomness Show

This hour, two stories in which random events change lives forever, and a third pulled from a random cassette.

2014 / TCF / WBEZ 91.5, USA

This hour, two stories in which random events change lives forever, and a third pulled from a random cassette.

The Long Shadow [Excerpt]
by Lea Thau (Strangers [KCRW], 2014)
One day in February 1997, four young men decided they would go up to the top of the Empire State Building. What happened in the observatory that day was as random as it was terrifying and cast a long shadow over everything that came after.

J Dilla's Lost Scrolls
by Pat Mesiti-Miller (Snap Judgment [NPR], 2013)
When record store owner Jeff Bubeck buys an old record collection out of an abandoned storage unit, he has no idea what he's (randomly) stumbled across. Jeff learns the collection once belonged to the late, great hip hop producer J Dilla. Along with the thousands of LP's from Dilla's personal collection, there's something else that's uncovered, something huge...

The Diet
by David Weinberg (Random Tape, 2012)
A story unfolds from a cassette found at a yard sale, as a man instructs his family not to interfere with his plans to go on a diet that he hopes will cure him of AIDS.

To find out more about the mysterious woman in this story, listen to Part Two.

This episode of Re:sound was produced by Dennis Funk.

produced by

Lea Thau

Lea Thau (@leathau) is a Peabody Award-winning producer, and the creator, producer and host of the podcast Strangers (from KCRW's Independent Producer Project and Radiotopia).

Pat Mesiti-Miller

Pat Mesiti-Miller is a producer and sound designer for NPR’s Snap Judgment , he is also a music producer and artist.

Dennis Funk

Dennis Funk is Third Coast's Senior Producer. He makes Re:sound, produces features and directs live audio-narrative performances.

David Weinberg

David Weinberg is a reporter at KCRW in Los Angeles where he covers South Central.

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