The Real Tom Banks

Tom Banks is 23, gay and searching for love.

He grew up relatively isolated on a farm just outside of Geelong in Victoria, Australia, and as a teenager turned to internet chat rooms to meet others. Over the years, Tom has become somewhat of an expert when it comes to meeting guys online. And he's learned that when you're online, you can be whoever you want to be. So who is the real Tom Banks?

The Real Tom Banks won the Best Documentary: Silver award at the 2014 Third Coast / Richard H. Driehaus Foundation Competition. It was produced by Jesse Cox with sound engineer Timothy Nicastri for Radiotonic, from ABC RN's Creative Audio Unit. Actors Rupert Reid and Tom Conroy helped voiced the piece.

Photo of Tom Banks snapped by Jess De Cruz of the Platform Youth Theatre. photographer Jess De Cruz.

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In 2013, Jesse Cox won a Director's Choice Award for Keep Them Guessing.

Can't get enough of Tom Banks? Check out this short film about him.

produced by

Jesse Cox

Jesse Cox (1986–2017) was one of Australia's finest radio producers.

Timothy Nicastri

Timothy Nicastri is a radio-maker and sound engineer who works across ABC Radio National's documentary, arts and topical programs, digging into whatever catches the ear.

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