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The Small Person Acquisition Project

This is a story about two men and a little baby... well, a big baby actually.

2011 / Kristin Nelson / CBC Radio One, The Current, Canada

This is a story about two men and a little baby... well, a big baby actually.

And the two men aren't just any two men. Both of this baby's fathers began their lives as girls. Their journey through conception, pregnancy and childbirth is both exceptional and mundane, unique and universal. Although the narrative is familiar, this particular birth story challenges conventional ideas about sex and gender.

The Small Person Acquisition Project was produced by Kristin Nelson for CBC's The Current in 2010, with editor Dick Miller. Special thanks to Pam Bertrand, executive producer, and to Bear Bergman, j wallace and Stanley.

produced by

Kristin Nelson

Kristin Nelson has been producing for three years on the national CBC Radio show, The Current. Before arriving as an intern at the CBC, Kristin earned an undergraduate degree in international development and two masters'degrees – one in political science, the other in journalism. In between school she squeezed in travel throughout South America and southeast Asia. Kristin also worked with a non-profit organization in Johannesburg, South Africa, and freelanced for The Toronto Star and This Magazine.

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