Re:sound #152 The Sports Show

This hour: the drama of sport, the history of sport, the sound of sport and more...

2011 / TCF / WBEZ 91.5, USA

This hour: the drama of sport, the history of sport, the sound of sport and more...

The Sacramento Kings
by Laura Starecheski with help from Tina Antolini, Marietta Synodis and Taki Telonidis (State of the Re:Union, 2011)
The Sacramento Kings have never been a huge powerhouse in the NBA. They've had a few good years, but nothing to write home about. When the owners threatened to move the team else-where though, the entire city rallied to make them stay.

The Starting Five
by Joe Richman (All Things Considered, 1997)
Pro basketball is a big business. And at the center of it all are the athletes, giant men, exquisite competitors, paid millions. But the sport that draws tens of thousands to every game and millions more on TV wasn't always so flash. In fact, at the beginning, it was barely even a spark. When pro basketball first started, there was no money, no crowds and definitely, a lot less height.

Two and a Half Days
by Bob Carlson (Unfictional, 2011)
In 1975, Diana Nyad swam around the island of Manhattan. The swim took eight hours and broke the long distance record. When she turned 60, she started to train to swim from Cuba to Florida - a hundred mile, two and a half day swim. She had no protective gear, no shark cage - just her, the ocean, and her thoughts. So what does one think about while swimming for two and half days?

The Sound of Sport (Excerpt)
by Peregrine Andrews (BBC Radio 4, 2011)
Next time you're watching the Olympics, close your eyes and just listen. You'll find that the sound of the sports are extremely rich and textured. That's because the olympics are carefully recorded and sound-designed by a guy named Dennis Baxter to bring you the most intimate experience possible.

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