Start From The Beginning

Block C: Friday (3:45pm-5pm) / Saturday (9:15am-10:30am)

Block C: Friday (3:45pm-5pm) / Saturday (9:15am-10:30am)

Most people can recount the facts of their situation, but how do you get them to tell you an actual story? Interviewing for narrative calls for a slightly different set of interview muscles – from the kinds of questions you ask, to helping a source tap into details and emotion of moments long past.

Karen Duffin of Planet Money breaks down interviewing for narrative in very practical terms, giving you the tools to elicit more vivid, concrete, as-if-you-were-there stories.


Karen Duffin

Karen (@duffinkaren) is currently one of the hosts of NPR's Planet Money. For her 2019 Breakout Session, Karen will both break down and complicate how-to's of interviewing for not just information, but also narratives.