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Re:sound #255 Taxidermied Cows

This hour, a teenage taxidermist, a community of medical migrants who settled in Snowflake, Arizona, and a day in the life of a sacred cow.

2018 / TCF / 91.5 WBEZ, USA

This hour, a teenage taxidermist, a community of medical migrants who settled in Snowflake, Arizona, and a day in the life of a sacred cow.

A Cow A Day
by Pejk Malinovski for Falling Tree Productions and Between the Ears from BBC Radio 3
At sunrise, on the banks of the Ganges river, the poet and radio producer Pejk Malinovski picks out a cow at random and starts to follow her. He continues to follow her until sunset. A meditative journey unfolds within the sonic backdrop of the ancient city of Varanasi - until suddenly the two of them find themselves on the set of a Bollywood dance film. ‘A Cow a Day’ invites you to un-follow your digital stream and exercise your ability to be just present.

The Teenage Taxidermist
by Rachel Matlow for The Sunday Edition from the CBC
Tristan Meyer-Odell is a pretty normal 15-year-old guy. He loves video games, comic books and his pets: a python and big burly dog. But recently, Tristan has taken up an unusual hobby. And to support it, he has a freezer in his bedroom. It was the top thing on his Christmas wish list last year. The freezer is now full of dead animal carcasses, patiently waiting for his attention.

Medical Migrants
by Delaney Hall for State of the Re:Union
Susan Molloy has a controversial medical condition called Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS), which renders people seriously intolerant to synthetic substances. Because of this she’s lived in the clean mountain air of Snowflake, Arizona since 1994. MCS is not recognized as an illness by the American Medical Association, and people with the condition often find themselves without medical care, or access to disability resources. Sufferers live largely outside of mainstream society in isolated communities where they fend for themselves and build their own support networks. In Snowflake, the few dozen people who migrated there, left behind homes, families, and jobs to seek a place they can feel better... and more are still hoping to move in.

This episode of Re:sound was produced by Dennis Funk

produced by

Pejk Malinovski

Pejk Malinovski is a freelance radio producer, sound artist and poet based in Brooklyn.

Rachel Matlow

Rachel Matlow is a Toronto-based arts and culture journalist and CBC radio/TV producer.

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