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Trick: Part Two

This curated Listening Reel was screened at the 2019 Third Coast Conference in Chicago.

This curated Listening Reel was screened at the 2019 Third Coast Conference in Chicago.

Click here to watch the original title visuals for Trick !**

"Trick: Part Two" is full of stories laced with sonic slights of hand, narrative mirages and audio illusions. You won’t always know what is and what isn’t... reel. Hosted by Elyssa Dudley.

In this reel...

- Elevated (Grand Chicago)

By Aaron Ximm

- This Is Not A Drill ('19 Third Coast/RHDF Competition Winner)

By lead produced by Jazmín Aguilera, and produced by Anna Sussman for Snap Judgment from WNYC, with co-producers John Fecile, Erika Lantz, Nancy López, and Eliza Smith; original score by Renzo Gorrio; sound design by Renzo Gorrio, Leon Morimoto, and Pat Mesiti-Miller; edited by Anna Sussman and Mark Ristich; with executive producer Glynn Washington

- The Envelope

By Emmanuel Dzotsi for 88% Parentheticals, Reply All (Gimlet)

- ROW-cub ('19 Third Coast/RHDF Competition Winner)

By Neena Pathak. Subtitles by Eleanor McDowall, Radio Atlas

More about the 2019 Listening Reels:

Each Listening Reels transformed one of the 2019 Conference Breakout Session rooms (Adler) into an audio theater, lights out, sound all-around. Each & every reel featured at least one winning story (!) from the 2019 Third Coast/Richard H. Driehaus Foundation Competition. After being absorbed in listening inspiration, audience members came together for conversation, guided by the host, and any/all producers of the featured pieces in the room.