Re:sound #75: The True Crime Show

This hour: amateur sleuths and internet detectives.

2007 / Sara Parker / Sue Mell / Roman Mars / TCF / WBEZ 91.5, USA

This hour: amateur sleuths and internet detectives.

Internet Sleuths
by Sara Parker (BBC Radio 4, 2007)
Unfinished business doesn't sit well in the human brain. We like closure. We like endings. But of course, that isn't always possible. Crimes go unsolved, mysteries stay unknowable. But this kind of unfinished business, unfinished criminal business, just feeds the flames of determination in a group of amateur detectives.

Girl Detectives
by Sue Mell (, 2003)
Everyone seems to be fascinated by crime, as long as it doesn't hit too close to home. Sue Mell is an independent producer in California, who never expected to be writing about murder, crime, detectives, police work, or housewives on the hunt. But then she found out first hand about the sheer frustration of a true crime without a true solution.

This episode of Re:sound was produced by Roman Mars.

produced by

Sara Parker

Sara Parker is an award-winning independent producer, mainly for BBC Radio.

Sue Mell

Independent producer Sue Mell has had her work featured on the Third Coast Festival's Re:sound and the Peabody Award-winning website

Roman Mars

Roman Mars (@romanmars) is the creator of 99% Invisible , a short radio show about design and architecture.

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