Re:sound #225 The Whatever Suits You Show

This hour, the suits we wear and the impressions we make.

2016 / TCF / WBEZ 91.5, USA

This hour, the suits we wear and the impressions we make.

The Runway
by Luke Malone (Start Up , Gimlet Media, 2016)
It’s not uncommon for shoppers to walk out of Mary Going’s store feeling on top of the world. Mary runs Saint Harridan, a company that makes custom suits for the gender non-conforming. With her store, Mary has created a space that caters to the needs of butch women and trans men—something that doesn’t happen very often. Her fans are enthusiastic and dedicated, her products are selling out… but she can barely pay her rent.

Read a behind-the-scenes interview about this piece with producer Luke Malone.

The Blazer Experiment
by Delaney Hall ( 99% Invisible , 2016)
In 1968, the police department in Menlo Park, California hired Victor Cizanckas to be the new police chief. His main goal was to reform the department, which had a strained relationship with the community at the time. The method he chose was unconventional — new uniforms for all police officers.

This episode of Re:sound was produced by Dennis Funk.

Special thanks to Jeanine Fry, Master Tailor at Daniel George Custom Suits in Chicago

Robert Sheie

Billy Murray, 'When You're All Dressed Up', Antique Phonograph Music Program 03/23/10
The Insider, 'Intelligent Galaxy', All's Fair in Love of Wax (Cheshire Records, 2010)
BOPD, 'New England Is Interesting', Old Paper Houses Soundtrack (self-released, 2013)
Glass Boy, 'Suits', Showzie (self-released, 2011)
Plurabelle, 'Lips', Money, Blood and Light (Local Records, 2012)
Thompost, 'Phor', Muffled (ELPA, 2011)

produced by

Dennis Funk

Dennis Funk is Third Coast's Senior Producer. He makes Re:sound, produces features and directs live audio-narrative performances.

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