TC / RHDF Competition

The Third Coast / Richard H. Driehaus Foundation Competition seeks the best audio stories produced worldwmjide.

Since 2001, the TC/RHDF Competition has celebrated more than 130 extraordinary stories from seven countries/four continents and has bestowed $250,000 in cash prizes to many of the most innovative producers of the past decade-plus.

Our 2017 Call for Entries is on!

Dig into all ten 2016 TC/RHDF Competition winners, plus learn more about the year's best at Current Magazine and NPR's All Things Considered .

ShortDocs Challenge

Once a year we change it up and encourage the production of new work via our ShortDocs Challenge. In cahoots with a different artistic partner each year, we design a set of rules and invite everyone - producers and radio fans alike - to submit short audio works that follow these rules. Ah, the possibilities in "creativity through constraint!"

2017 will be a hiatus year for ShortDocs.
As we plan for 2018... your suggestions for artistic partners are welcome - just drop us an email at