2009 Third Coast / Richard H. Driehaus Foundation Competition

This year we honored the best audio work in the following categories: Best Documentary (Gold, Silver, Bronze, Honorable Mention), Directors Choice, Best New Artist, Best News Feature, Radio Impact and Audio Luminary.

Winners were celebrated at the Third Coast Awards Ceremony in Chicago, and their stories featured in The 2009 Third Coast Festival Broadcast .

Best Documentary: Gold

My Way or the FBI Way

A year ago, a swat team broke down the door of a home in downtown St. Paul and found eight Molotov cocktails inside.

Best Documentary: Bronze

Battle Flagging Father

In 2009, Brisbane-based writer and documentarian Hamish Sewell traveled to Alabama to meet his estranged father for the first time in nearly 30 years.

Best Documentary: Honorable Mention

A Lucky Wind

Do we live in a world where there is magic and meaning, or is it all just chance?

Directors' Choice

Three Records From Sundown

Nick Drake died in 1974, an unknown songwriter with three failed folk albums to his name. But fast forward to the present, and Drake is considered among the most important musicians of his time.

Best New Artist

Death Comes Home

Death Comes Home is a portrait of three families who have chosen to forego the funeral director and prescribed memorial to instead care for their dead at home.

Best News Feature

Fidele Musafiri: Miner

Cell phones and laptops rely on a particular mineral called colombite tantalum – coltan for short - and the growing demand for the material in the west has had ramifications in some pretty distant corners of the world.