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A Bitter Life

Helping to create a conscience, informing people of the world's biggest injustice, and promoting social responsibility.

A Black Tie Affair

In Ireland where the tradition of waking the dead is strong in rural areas, we go behind the scenes of this centuries old tradition.

A Bug in the Works

Found tape diary of a family holiday recorded for Grandma and Grandpa; a six-legged intruder spoils the fun.

A Clothing Frenzied

Ben Zimmerman ran The Books' samples through a sequenced Peavey Pro-Fex, created the track in Ableton, mastered it, ran it through several custom dynamic pitch and time-scaling effects (a different program for each submission) and mastered it again.

A Cold Freezin Ni(g)ht

Spelling Bee Champion Sheena needs to track down, and bring back, the missing letter G for her new town in this radio drama for kids.

A Cold Freezin Night - 1

A stranger wanders into a rural village, seeking warmth and shelter from a sharp January night. Unfortunately his reception at the local watering hole is just as icy as the wind he's trying to escape.

A Cold Freezin Night - 11

Jay came with me to a whiskey convention thinking that he was going to have a blast...but someone from his past throws his night into a painful meditation on love and whiskey.

A Cold Freezin Night - 12

A nostalgic recollection of a late night out driving around and swimming with friends a few summers ago back on Cape Cod, where I grew up.

A Cold Freezin Night - 13

Austin, Texas based experimental performance art group Happiness is a Choice use improvisation and their unique style of meta-theater to learn about each other and about the moments that they share on stage.

A Cold Freezin Night - 3

A bone cold dusk brings the icy adventures of a third grader to a close as his babysitting-tween sister selfishly examines mortality.

A Cold Freezin Night - 4

In which, to curb his kids' insatiable greed, the author's father takes it upon himself to call off one of the most anticipated holidays of the year.

A Cold Freezin Night - 5

Recitation of the mystical English poem, "I Saw the Sun at Midnight, Rising Red", 1917 by Joesph Mary Plunkett and music by the Psalters.

A Cold Freezin Night - 6

Every year smokejumpers, or wildland firefighters who parachute into remote areas to fight forest fires, secure their jobs in part by running for it.

A Cold Freezin Night - 7

Eventhough the cold causes fear and loathing in Finland, simplicity is found from the soul of the Finns: Sauna.