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Deadline Radio

Most producers and reporters spend their days "feeding the machine" -- cranking out short-form work on a daily, sometimes hourly deadline, with no time for second guesses. However, a lot of news coverage is formulaic and, frankly, dull.

  • 2004
  • 01:18:25

A Sense of Place

Filmmaker Tony Hill takes his blind friend to a mystery location, where she discovers her whereabouts solely through her sense of touch.

When the Dog Was Just the Dog

When her husband brings two puppies home, producer Lea Redfern becomes completely immersed in the world of canines. Now dog culture pervades her every waking moment, from commanding her social life to steering her personal politics.

A Drinking Song

Could The Star Spangled Banner be recast as a drinking song? Holger Mohaupt suggests that in this family, it could.

Radio -- What Do I Do?

Chandra Bulucon, sole proprietor of Puppy Machine Productions, recorded a 45-minute phone conversation she had with a friend about her relationship to radio.

Railway Lines

Sound artist Sylvi MacCormac tells this story about coming home by train along the Canadian Railway Lines.

Waiting . . . for Love

This is a playful exploration of Nicholas Longstaff's first forays into the world of relationships, documenting the semantics of falling in and out of love.

Soldiers React to Prison Abuse

When Youth Radio reporters in Oakland, CA, spoke with their friends returning home from Iraq, they realized that the public wasn't hearing the perspectives of these young soldiers.

Return to Oakland

When Youth Radio reporters in Oakland, CA, spoke with their friends returning home from Iraq, they realized that the public wasn't hearing the perspectives of these young soldiers.

Dia's Diary: My Mother

Dia Fallana is a young transgender woman living in a depressed area of Oakland, California. In this radio essay, she explains how her mother's anti-gay attitude kept her in the closet -- until she was forced to tell the truth.

When Do You Feel Feminine?

After a teenager was killed near San Francisco for having a different biological gender from the one she expressed, some local middle-schoolers wanted to know why. What is gender, anyway?

Seratonin Syndrome

Ken Nordine wonders if the warning pamphlets included with many powerful prescriptions may cause some of us to suffer mild paranoia.

The Paint Mixers

Wired with a low-fi tape recorder, performance artist Damali Ayo visited hardware stores and asked employees to mix paint to match different parts of her body.

The Audible Picture Show

Matt Hulse presents short audio works by a diverse range of inventive audio artists and filmmakers, created specifically for "a darkened cinema."

  • 2004
  • 01:24:35

Dinner at the Blind Cow

From the moment you enter the restaurant's dining room, you're in complete darkness. Blind waiters take your order, help you find your water glass, and lead you to the bathroom as needed.

Memento Mori

Some members of Jude Fletcher's family have a fondness for taking pictures of the dead. Their photo albums boast the typical shots of joyous celebrations and family gatherings, side by side with shots of loved ones in their caskets.

Listening to Jamie

Imagine a cold London winter, where the bizarre and unpredictable sounds made by producer Hugh Levinson's sleeping newborn punctuate the dark nights in the most unimaginable ways.