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A Map of the Sea

For centuries, Newfoundland fisheries were hailed as the greatest in the world. Then, in 1992, their main export, the codfish, disappeared.

Chicago Hustles

Meet Floyd (not his real name), a self-described "cigarette hustler" and part of Chicago's thriving underground economy, where goods and services -- legal and illegal -- are sold under the radar.

Just Another Fish Story

Ten years ago, the people of Lubec, Maine, were met with an unpleasant surprise: an enormous finback whale had washed onto the beachfront of their tiny coastal town.

Shocking Pink

Australian anthropologist, botanist, and eccentric Olive Pink waged a 40-year, one-woman civil rights campaign on behalf of the Aboriginal peoples until her death in 1975.

City X

The shopping mall is a cultural and commercial phenomenon in America that most can relate to in some way or another.

Snow on Plum Blossom

Japanese springtime: the motif of countless haikus and soulful pop songs, spectacular kabuki and elegant Noh plays, short stories, and novels. In Japan, spring begins in winter -- with a lot of noise.

India Song

Originally a text by French writer Marguerite Duras, India Song was next made into an extensive radio program and eventually a film of the same title.

One-Minute Vacations

The world makes its own music, but we rarely listen with fresh ears says Aaron Ximm, sound artist, field recordist and founder of

Mad About Magpies

Many people look to the natural world for clues about living a more harmonious life. For example, we aspire to traits we associate with certain animals: the wisdom of the owl, the noble bearing of the bald eagle, or the grace of the swan.

Back to School in a Garbage Can

A collage of love notes, tardy slips, and other high school detritus collected from high school garbage cans. Produced by Geraldo Hernandez and Giancarlo Hernandez for Curie Youth Radio.

Walt Whitman: Song of Myself

This is an excerpt from Curtis Fox's portrait of Walt Whitman, one of the world's greatest poets, and his radical vision of America.

The Ambassador of Go

Most Americans have never heard of Go, an ancient board game that has simpler rules than chess but such complex strategy that computers can't even beat a talented amateur.

Tongues Twisting

Clapping games and tongue twisters in multiple languages turn into rich stories when Judith Sloan records young immigrants in a theatre workshop.

Hearing Voices

Hearing Voices is a compelling and adventurous exploration of languages on the verge of extinction.