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Eavesdropping on a traditional Canadian Christmas.

Dust Bowl Revisited

Woody Guthrie backs up an interview with a Virginia National Guard soldier at an American base in Mosul, Iraq during early 2005.

Blind Date

A G-Rated ice-breaker that would be told during a female bonding session.

Big Bang

Two lousy-sounding atoms can't get along, cause the Big Bang, and disrupt present-day international harmony.

Trouble in Vietnam

Robert McNamara, the Soviet Ambassador and President Lyndon Johnson face off in a historical remix.

Goat on a Cow

Laura Starecheski finds herself figuratively falling down a rabbit hole (microphone and all) as she embarks on a journey that begins with the story of a goat, a cow, and a box of old letters.

Honoring the Body: Taharah

The Jewish burial ritual places great importance on treating the deceased with the utmost honor and respect. This is especially important during the ceremony of taharah, which involves the physical cleansing of the dead body.