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How do we deal with dying? Most of us look away, but in the case of the Zagar family, they look closer.

American Icons: The Great Gatsby

F. Scott Fitzgerald's tale of old money, new money, drinking, and adultery - a thin little book that critics panned - is still the best novel about the American Dream and its discontents.

Before the War It Was the War

In the 2006 conflict between Hezbollah and the state of Israel, one man took it upon himself to "resist with his pen," to bear witness for his people and bring the world, in his words, "the real news from Beirut."

2007 TC Audio Luminary: Peter Leonhard Braun

The Third Coast Audio Luminary Award is presented annually to an individual who is greatly admired for his or her significant and ongoing contributions to the field of radio. Hats off to the 2007 Audio Luminary - widely esteemed producer, teacher, and mentor Peter Leonhard Braun.

90 Degrees North

From the exact top of the world, Elizabeth Arnold reflects on being so far away from the rest of it.

Tin Man

Part Wizard of Oz, part Dante's Inferno, part absurdist radio theater, and part anti-corporate musical, this 20-episode podcast follows the Tin Man (but not necessarily the one you're thinking of) on a bizarre and venturesome journey through landscapes familiar and unknown.

Sweeping Statements

Being a teenager can be really hard. Especially if you've flunked out of school. Or your dad has disappeared.

The Obscure News: Anatomy of a Punch, Part Two (INC)

The Obscure News podcast claims to feature "all the news the networks omitted." Dedicated to redeeming the ordinary, it's a chorus of anonymous voices telling those weird little anecdotes that are born every day, all tied together by a steadfast host, driving rhythm, and strategic bits of found sound.

A Time to Tip

The courageous story of one coffee mug trying to get by in a house of people he hates. (Writing from the perspective of the mug in the first person, present tense.)

Chinese Pants

An unscripted talk between a mom and her almost teenaged daughter, inspired by a handmade Mother's Day card listing all the things a mother should never do.