Immerse your ears in the best audio documentaries and storytelling since 2001, the winners of the Third Coast/Richard H. Driehaus Foundation Competition.

Stiff Peaks

2007 ShortDocs Winner! The first step in making cookies is to purchase a metal bike jingle-bell in a western mountain town.

The Trap

2007 ShortDocs Winner! Here's a rumination on the ethics of pest killing and attempts at avoidance of the graphic nature thereof.

How to Be Heard

2007 ShortDocs Winner! Advice for the bicycle bell with aspirations, featuring voice teacher Rachel Nicholson.

A Fragile Son

Surjit Sachdev grew up in a conservative family in India. Surjit's father was an engineer, and he's an engineer, but the family tradition ended when Surjit's son was born with a severe mental disability.


How do we deal with dying? Most of us look away, but in the case of the Zagar family, they look closer.

American Icons: The Great Gatsby

F. Scott Fitzgerald's tale of old money, new money, drinking, and adultery - a thin little book that critics panned - is still the best novel about the American Dream and its discontents.

Before the War It Was the War

In the 2006 conflict between Hezbollah and the state of Israel, one man took it upon himself to "resist with his pen," to bear witness for his people and bring the world, in his words, "the real news from Beirut."

2007 TC Audio Luminary: Peter Leonhard Braun

The Third Coast Audio Luminary Award is presented annually to an individual who is greatly admired for his or her significant and ongoing contributions to the field of radio. Hats off to the 2007 Audio Luminary - widely esteemed producer, teacher, and mentor Peter Leonhard Braun.