Conference Sessions

Dive into scores of Third Coast Conference sessions offering wisdom - on everything from production skills to journalistic ethics - from the best makers on the planet.

The Right To Bear Data

Data has power but also serves power, which means it can be profoundly hard to navigate and understand.

  • 2021
  • 01:15:52

Radio Across Time Zones

Radio transmissions are heard all over the world, from the largest urban centers to the smallest mountain villages. But what defines radio from a particular place, and what makes it different than radio from elsewhere?

  • 2005
  • 01:24:42

Reality Check!

In June of 2017, Third Coast hosted a frank discussion about what it takes to make it in today’s podcast landscape, featuring: Jenna Weiss-Berman (Pineapple Street Media), Alex Blumberg (Gimlet Media), N’Jeri Eaton (NPR) and Julie Shapiro (Radiotopia).

  • 2017
  • 01:55:01

Rocks, Riptides, and Buoys: Radio in the Play of the Airwaves

Longtime proponent of radio as a fluid and flexible medium, Gregory Whitehead plays a variety of work from around the world and gives a philosophical and pragmatic talk on the role of imaginative radio in an increasingly congested media landscape.

  • 2002
  • 01:19:09

Radio Norway

Kari Hesthamar demonstrates the distinctive sound of Norwegian radio features by playing and talking about some of the most important elements of her own work -- creating small films for listeners' ears, capturing the true essence of a scene, and producing stories that come alive through the use of the present tense.

  • 2006
  • 01:30:25

Radio 2.0

(Or: We couldn't change the world, so we changed radio.)

  • 2012
  • 01:12:59