Discover hundreds of short audio gems produced in response to a prompt from Third Coast for the ShortDocs Competition, hosted between 2003 and 2016. Each year ushered in a new set of rules, new creative partners, and ever-more magical results.

Restful, Shady Places

The authors of Trailer Ahoy! and Trees as Good Citizens enjoy a written correspondence relating to their books' proximity in the library.

Ring It Loud

A tender portrait of the sofly spoken environmental campaigner and former world champion cyclist Judith Sanderson, who 20 years ago smashed 5 middle distance records in her sport.

Red Baiting

Decommissioned Soviet mousetraps in Brooklyn's Little Odessa.

Roger, that!

Roger, produced in multiple dimensions, must struggle with the production of his life and his life production "in space, or anywhere else."

Reel Noise

Surreal as it may seem, this rock band became very famous.


Children in a behavior program speak up about respect, against the metaphorical soundscape of the Institution.

Redbricks and Weatherboards

I've lived in Melbourne's suburban inner west for five years, walked my street of redbricks and weatherboards every day, but never stopped to listen until now. This is my street.

Red Envelope Fairy

Across the street from my apartment, Elaine Autwell delivers Freedom of Information Act requests to every department in the City of Evanston, a job which has earned her the title of the "Red Envelope Fairy."

Romance at the Red Line Tap

Characters come out of the woodwork to take the stage at a weekly open mic at The Red Line Tap in the Rogers Park neighborhood of Chicago.

The Red House on Maple

At the Red House on Maple, ten best friends (including me!) relish in each other's companionship, as the time they have together comes to an end.

Red Brick Houses

Here's a conversation with my 92 year-old neighbor Liza about how our neighborhood has changed since 1959, with "Mack the Knife" played on ukelele by fellow neighbor Tom Bassett.