Discover hundreds of short audio gems produced for the Third Coast ShortDocs Audio Challenge. Each year ushers in a new set of rules, new creative partner, and ever-more wondrous results.

Where's Abel?

Abel's fate is confirmed by an eyewitness who survived a suicide bombing in Afghanistan.

Where My Ears Have Been

Composed from sounds recorded during a residency at the National Science and Technology Museum, Taiwan, this is a story about communication.

What is it like to be one of the first?

When Sergeant Carrie Lopes joined the Provincetown Police Department, she was one of the only women on the force; thirty years later, she reflects on sexual harassment experienced at the beginning of her career.

What is Indiana?

In three scenes and a whole life spent in and out of the state, I attempt to answer the question, "What is Indiana?"

When we lose our breath

I placed a large resonating tube in a public library for a full day and invited people to stick their heads in, hold their breath, and then answer the question: “What makes you breathless?”