Discover hundreds of short audio gems produced for the Third Coast ShortDocs Audio Challenge. Each year ushers in a new set of rules, new creative partner, and ever-more wondrous results.


Of a cat, a Necessary, litter, and oh yeah, mice.

Avant Guardian

The Avant Guardian fights crime using the power of surrealism and his trusty P.S.M.G.

Red Baiting

Decommissioned Soviet mousetraps in Brooklyn's Little Odessa.

The Golden Mug Award

The coveted golden mug award is given to an actor or actress for their portrayal of an independent woman in history.

Dollar Daze

Third Coast Festival artistic director Julie Shapiro describes her rendez-vous with Dollar Store founder Jonathan Messinger at Dollar Daze in downtown Chicago, where the Dollar Storeys items were chosen.

How to Be Heard

2007 ShortDocs Winner! Advice for the bicycle bell with aspirations, featuring voice teacher Rachel Nicholson.

The Trap

2007 ShortDocs Winner! Here's a rumination on the ethics of pest killing and attempts at avoidance of the graphic nature thereof.

Can't Catch Us All

What mice find offensive is the fact that these traps are not only lethal, but also cheap, low quality imports. (Don't mess with the mice.)

House Trap

"The best-laid plans of mice and men go oft awry"- Rober Burns, To a Mouse [The mousetrap set recalls a long-forgotten incident in the producer's first residence in Toronto.]


A guy drifts back to the years he drove around on his bike, when he should be meditating.

Ring It Loud

A tender portrait of the sofly spoken environmental campaigner and former world champion cyclist Judith Sanderson, who 20 years ago smashed 5 middle distance records in her sport.

American Dream

The mice have invaded and are having some R and R... so I might as well help them enjoy themselves.

I'm Alive

A bell realizes it's alive while on a conveyor belt and then en route to a dollar store.