Discover hundreds of short audio gems produced for the Third Coast ShortDocs Audio Challenge. Each year ushers in a new set of rules, new creative partner, and ever-more wondrous results.

Chain of Missing Links - 11

In which, following a rock concert, the author is accidentally left by friends at an outdoor amphitheater ninety minutes from his home town.

A Cold Freezin Night - 4

In which, to curb his kids' insatiable greed, the author's father takes it upon himself to call off one of the most anticipated holidays of the year.

All You Need is a Wall (in Plato's Cave)

A riff on Plato's Allegory of the Cave, in which humans are presented as prisoners who spend their entire lives staring at a cave wall, mistaking the shadows they see there for the totality of existence.

A Cold Freezin Night - 5

Recitation of the mystical English poem, "I Saw the Sun at Midnight, Rising Red", 1917 by Joesph Mary Plunkett and music by the Psalters.

Chain of Missing Links - 13

This is a story about human love, fear, loneliness and self perception in the neverending journey of life in the modern world.

A Cold Freezin Night - 6

Every year smokejumpers, or wildland firefighters who parachute into remote areas to fight forest fires, secure their jobs in part by running for it.

All You Need is a Wall - 3

In which the author, at a low point, embarks on a relationship with his housemate -- only to learn that she is bipolar and prone to some odd behavior.

A Cold Freezin Night - 1

A stranger wanders into a rural village, seeking warmth and shelter from a sharp January night. Unfortunately his reception at the local watering hole is just as icy as the wind he's trying to escape.

Chain of Missing Links - 2

Eve Abrams was inspired by the heartfelt reactions of her first grade students to the tragedy currently unfolding in the Gulf of Mexico and in their coastal communities.

Chain of Missing Links - 5

The non-fiction scattered story of Devin Hildebrand's family Christmas '95, when his sister received a real kitten, Jodi, just like she wanted, among other things.