Discover hundreds of short audio gems produced for the Third Coast ShortDocs Audio Challenge. Each year ushers in a new set of rules, new creative partner, and ever-more wondrous results.

Chain of Missing Links - 6

An age-old story told by ex-slave Alice Gaston, speaking of her former masters, and hearing the constant rattle of long-gone chains.

Chain of Missing Links - 8

Incorporating fictional and non-fictional elements, this is the story of a stripper, a carpenter in drag, a house wife and their chain of interactions.

A Cold Freezin Night - 7

Eventhough the cold causes fear and loathing in Finland, simplicity is found from the soul of the Finns: Sauna.

All You Need is a Wall - 5

Since the 1880s Jews from all around the world have been called to Israel by the symbol of the Western Wall - but now there's a new wall where old friends meet.

(Bicycle) Chain of Missing Links

2010 ShortDocs Winner! An 80-day bicycle trip from New York City to Seattle, camping and recording along the way, condensed into three minutes.

I Didn't Know That - 6

I Didn't Know That is a sonic exploration of state-controlled "truths," created almost entirely from appropriated public domain educational and military-training films.

A Cold Freezin Ni(g)ht

Spelling Bee Champion Sheena needs to track down, and bring back, the missing letter G for her new town in this radio drama for kids.

All You Need is a Wall - 4

An exercise in time condensation, or more simply time travel, in which the cave wall serves as interface between past and present, human and animal, Philip Smith, librarian, reads excerpts from two books about Upper Paleolithic cave art.

Chain of Missing Links - 20

In a world of billion dollar 'stimulus packages' and Web 2.0 consumer profiling how can you break free of the chains of commerce (and get cheap kicks at the same time)?