Discover hundreds of short audio gems produced for the Third Coast ShortDocs Audio Challenge. Each year ushers in a new set of rules, new creative partner, and ever-more wondrous results.

One Way

A woman in a hurry seeks refuge from a storm and finds something in common with the motel attendant.

The Noble Gazer

My dad stares out the window a lot at work - for a while I thought he was being lazy but I don't think he is anymore.

Seeing Heat

The first human with heat-vision talks candidly of her experience, the surgeon explains the science while she's under the knife.


To stick with the herd, sometimes you give up everything.

First Kiss

You never know what will happen on date night...

2000 Messages

Robbie, a former lighthouse keeper in Guernsey, thinks he sent as many as 2000 messages out to sea over the years - with some interesting results.

It's Coming

Something is coming for a man struggling to survive - is it Spring, Redemption, Revenge or Death?

Don't Gogh

Creative inspiration turns to obsession in the life of an artist.