Alix Spiegel

Alix Spiegel (@aspiegelnpr) produces NPR's new show/podcast Invisibilia with Lulu Miller (formerly of Radiolab .) It's about all the invisible forces that shape human behavior.

Alix began her career as a producer with This American Life in 1995, then became a NPR reporter covering human behavior.


Thirty years ago no one believed that the psychological problems suffered by Vietnam soldiers were caused by their service in the war.

Bat Man

The central claim of this story is astounding: that if we all just raised our expectations, blind people could come to - literally - see.

This hour: producer Dmae Roberts grapples with the history and memories of her Taiwanese mother, a history of PTSD, and more.


NPR reporter Alix Spiegel incites a riot among audio producers... in praise of stealing others' storytelling techniques and adapting them to create a style of one's very own.

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