Ann Heppermann

Ann Heppermann (@annheppermann) is an award-winning independent radio reporter and educator.

Her work has aired on numerous shows including This American Life , Radiolab , 99% Invisible , Studio360 , and Marketplace . In 2011 she was named a United States Artists Rockefeller Fellow along with Kara Oehler. She teaches radio at Sarah Lawrence College and NYU's Narrative Journalism program, and produces the weekly podcast Slate's Culture Gabfest and WNYC's Gabfest Radio Show .


Chicago Hustles

Meet Floyd (not his real name), a self-described "cigarette hustler" and part of Chicago's thriving underground economy, where goods and services -- legal and illegal -- are sold under the radar.

2003 ShortDocs Challenge: Thirst

Much of the Sonoran desert between Tucson and Mexico is a haunting wasteland of discarded shoes, shirts, and empty plastic water jugs, discarded by desparate illegal immigrants who risk their lives as they cross the desert from Mexico into the United States in search of better-paying jobs.

Introducing... The Sarahs

Let the audio fiction revolution begin! The Sarah Awards has the not-so-little goal of transforming radio drama worldwide.

To kick-off Third Coast's summer fundraiser, we're doing what we do best — sharing great radio from around the world — with some extra special feature podcasts over the next two weeks.

This hour: Hustlers. Some are straight-up con artists, and others are just doing what they have to do to get by.


The Sounds Inside

In certain radio stories, sounds exist only in the mind of the storyteller and can't be physically recorded -- like dreams, memories, and predictions. How do you create a soundscape that brings "the sounds inside" to life?

A bonafide Third Coast tradition! The second installment of this session once again pulls back the curtain on one of the most difficult and important skills every producer needs to master: pitching a story.

Every other fall, the Third Coast stretches its wings, embraces a film festival model (minus the popcorn - too noisy) and presents the Third Coast Filmless Festival - a celebration of sound, story, and the art of listening.

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