Anya Solotaire

Anya Solotaire is a Chicago-based video artist, producer, and editor, and a 2019 Third Coast Conference Assistant.

She creates video installations for events and performing artists, in addition to Internet art and short form productions. Her work mostly focuses on deconstructing digital media and the relationship between the body, Internet and mental illness. Anya is the co-founder of the video collective Bummer Camp Media, a group focused on creating collaborative and experimental video​ work with Chicago's artistic communities. She has worked as an independent producer for the past 7 years, and is currently in post-production for a feature length documentary about the DIY music scene in the Midwest.

A graduate of the University of Illinois at Chicago, Anya has three cats, and is desperately trying to be a vegetarian. She is so excited to join the team at Third Coast as the Fall Assistant for the 2019's conference and meet their incredible community of audio producers and storytellers.