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Cecilia Vaisman

Homelands Productions co-founder Cecilia Vaisman is a former NPR staff producer.

She has produced radio features and documentaries from Central and South America, the Caribbean, South Asia, and the U.S. She has reported extensively on identity and women's issues, the environment, and development. A co-executive producer for the Homelands series World Views, Vaisman was also senior producer for Vanishing Homelands and Searching for Solutions, and project director of the Spanish and Portuguese language versions of Searching for Solutions.


A growing number of African-American men are converting to Islam while in prison. In this story you'll meet several of them, all living in a medium-security prison in Logan, Illinois, and hear how the "call of Islam" fills a silence and a vacuum in their lives.

Shomari Kress wants to live the American Dream: start his own business, make lots of money, drive a fast car. But like many other young African-American men in his south side Chicago neighborhood, he's not sure how to realize that dream.