Charles Maynes

Charles Maynes is a contributing producer with the Foundation for Independent Radio Broadcasting (FNR), an NGO that works for the development of quality public programming in Russia.

His association with the FNR dates to 2004, when the organization hosted him for a Fulbright fellowship year. Prior to that, he reported out of Russia from 1998-2001. Maynes' work has been heard on NPR, the CBC, the BBC and Deutsche-Welle, among others. Born in Washington D.C., he is currently based in Moscow.


The Assassin's Bell

A young Soviet 'Pioneer' (i.e. boy scout) squares off with the CIA -- will he live to tell the tale?

This hour: a one way mission to mars, a Russian cosmonaut's favorite music, the Voyager golden record, the sound of the northern lights, and more.