Claire Schoen

Claire Schoen is an audio producer, creating sound-rich, character driven, documentary-style stories.

Working in a wide variety of media – radio, podcast, audio tour, webstory, film/video and museum exhibit – Claire’s documentaries open a window onto the lives of everyday people; weaving their stories into a narrative whole. Claire teaches documentary storytelling at a number of venues including U.C. Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism, Duke University’s CDC and currently at the Stanford Storytelling Project.



Tens of thousands of inmates in American prisons live in total isolation. They don't see anyone. They don't talk to anyone. They are completely alone, sometimes for years, in a cell the size of a small bathroom.

This hour: we explore some big ideas – justice, injustice, punishment, and redemption – through small, powerful, personal stories.


A well-crafted scene, heard on the radio, opens a window onto a new world and allows the listener to fly right in. Claire Schoen explores the process of creating scenes -- showing real people living their lives -- for an audio documentary.