Dean Olsher

Dean Olsher is a therapist and spent over 30 years as a broadcaster, mostly for public radio.

He was an arts and culture correspondent for NPR News as well as the creator and host of The Next Big Thing, a popular national show. Currently he's a visiting professor at New York University's Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute.


Holy Soul

Matthew Power first met poet Allen Ginsberg at his cousin's Bar Mitzvah, when he was a 15-year-old aspiring writer.

This hour: a Japanese blues singer, an aging opera fan, and homemade recordings of a rural children's choir.


Voice With a Capital "V"

Most of us use our voices in our work, but finding our "Voice" is an often overlooked part of our creative development. Hear what professionals from a variety of different fields have to say about this elusive aspect of our craft.

The Script Disappears

You've pitched your story; you've collected tape; you've gone through your edits; you're ready to track.