Dmae Roberts

Dmae Roberts is a two-time Peabody Award-winning radio artist and writer who has created groundbreaking personal, multicultural documentaries.

Her documentary Mei Mei, a Daughter's Song is a harrowing account of her mother's childhood in Taiwan during WWII. Crossing East is the first Asian American history series on public radio. Roberts is a United States Artist fellow and is working on her memoir, Lady Buddha and the Temple of Ma. She was published in Radio Reality and is currently working with Steve Rowland to produce Shakespeare Is, six hours on the impact of the Bard.


Dmae Roberts tell two interwoven stories in this personal documentary: the frustration she feels not living up to her mother's ideal of a perfect Taiwanese daughter and the compassion she has for a mother who as a child suffered abuse, starvation, and the horrors of World War Two.

The Paint Mixers

Wired with a low-fi tape recorder, performance artist Damali Ayo visited hardware stores and asked employees to mix paint to match different parts of her body.

This hour: a woman investigates a secluded religious community, another secretly tapes her interactions with paint store owners, and yet another peels back the layers of "geek speak."

This hour: producer Dmae Roberts grapples with the history and memories of her Taiwanese mother, a history of PTSD, and more.

This hour: Two stories of people who are far away — physically, emotionally and/or spiritually from the place they call home.



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