Eleanor McDowall

Eleanor McDowall (@Ellie_McDowall) is a director at Falling Tree Productions.

She is the series producer of BBC Radio 4’s Short Cuts , which won the Gold Award for Best Radio Podcast at the British Podcast Awards in both 2017 and 2018. Her documentary work has received a Prix Europa, the Whicker’s World Foundation ‘Audio Recognition Award’ twice, the Gold Award for Best Factual Storytelling at the Radio Academy’s ARIAs and a Third Coast: Best Documentary award. In her spare time she runs both the Radio Atlas podcast, an English-language home for subtitled audio from around the world, and Field Recordings — a podcast where audio-makers stand silently in fields (or things that can be broadly interpreted as fields).


Voices Lost and Found

An old cassette, tucked away for years in the back of a drawer, magically brings a lost voice back to life.

Finally! A way to listen to radio stories in languages you don't-necessarily-speak.

Without further ado... here are the eleven extraordinary stories reflect the finest work in the narrative audio industry & push the boundaries of audio storytelling, selected by these 20 judges, and in the categories of... Best New Artist, Radio Impact, Best News Feature, Audio Unbound, Best Documentary: Short, Best Documentary: Non-English Language, Best Serialized Story, Best Documentary (Gold, Silver, Bronze), and Directors’ Choice:


Can a documentary make you dance? Turn you on? Make you jump in fear? We get under the skin of documentary's visceral possibilities, exploring how we edit to impact the listener's body as much as their mind.

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