Emily Botein

Emily Botein is Vice President for On-Demand Content at WNYC Radio in New York.

She works with colleagues to identify talent, produce pilots and launch shows. At WNYC, she works closely with a variety of shows, including most recently, Death, Sex & Money , The New Yorker Radio Hour , and Here’s the Thing .


Holy Soul

Matthew Power first met poet Allen Ginsberg at his cousin's Bar Mitzvah, when he was a 15-year-old aspiring writer.

This hour: tongue twisters, brain teasers, cheaters, and one of the worst high school football teams of all time.


The Script Disappears

You've pitched your story; you've collected tape; you've gone through your edits; you're ready to track.

Trust Me, I'm an Editor

Producers come to editors with their tape, a vision, and a piece in various stages of completion. Editors bring their skills, a fresh set of ears, a fat red pen, and often the mandate of an established show format.