Emily Kennedy

Emily Kennedy (@emilyseagrave) is the program director at the Third Coast International Audio Festival.

Emily has been involved with Third Coast programming in a variety of capacities since 2015, including in shaping the identity of the first-ever Fest in 2016. Beyond that, she's worked as a freelance multimedia journalist, producer, and editor in Ohio, D.C., Massachusetts, and New York. At Third Coast, she’s particularly interested in the way that the medium can tell the story—whether it’s the shape of a session, the style of the Conference brochure, or the community that can form in one room around a single piece of audio. She is a graduate of Oberlin college, not unlike a truly astonishing number of other radio producers. (Hi, guys.)


To kick off 2019, Third Coast invited producers whose narrative audio work we’ve never featured before, to send us the best story they’ve made recently. We called it the Producer Index Challenge.