Eric Nuzum

Eric Nuzum loves hearing stories and telling stories. He is the Senior Vice President of Original Content Development at Audible, where he is building the next platform for top-shelf spoken word listening.

Before coming to Audible, Eric was the Vice President for Programming at NPR. While there, he created a number of well-known shows, like Invisibilia , TED Radio Hour , and Ask Me Another . Eric also managed NPR’s relationships with a lot of beloved public radio programs, like Car Talk , Fresh Air , and Radiolab .

Outside of building audio experiences, Eric has written three books including a memoir entitled "Giving Up the Ghost: A Story About Friendship, 80s Rock, a Lost Scrap of Paper, and What it Means to be Haunted."


What separates a “good” program from a “great” program is often the clarity of its vision: what is the show and who is it trying to speak to?