Erisa Apantaku

Erisa Apantaku (@erisa_apantaku) (she/her) is a Black/biracial, queer audio producer and educator from the lands of the Three Fires Confederacy of the Ottawa, Ojibwe, and Potawatomi First Nations (Chicagoland).

She produces podcasts like the recent You Didn't See Nothin for the Invisible Institute, short audio documentaries for outlets including BBC Radio, and serves as a freelance story editor for projects such as an upcoming untitled podcast on Alaskan settler myths. Her work asks questions about race, sexuality, and gender through a process that seeks to be vulnerable, accountable, and generative for all those involved.


2019 Provocations

On the first night of the 2019 Third Coast Conference, all 800+ attendees gathered for a series of short, provocative talks.

Our favorite tradition on the opening night of the Third Coast Conference.... this time, with some SPOOKY energy!