Honor Eastly

Honor Eastly (@Honor_Eastly) is a writer, podcaster and professional feeler of feelings. At the 2019 Third Coast Conference, Honor will be co-present a Breakout Session with Joel Werner about turning her dark & funny life into a sound-rich, creative serialized story with feeling.

She is the co-founder of The Big Feels Club, and has three hit-podcasts to her name. Most recently, she partnered with the ABC to create the critically-acclaimed No Feeling Is Final podcast, about her own experiences of suicidality, which was named the #3 podcast of 2018 by The Atlantic. Her shows have been downloaded over half a million times, and have caused many awkward conversations with her family, and colleagues.

When she’s not making podcasts she works in mental health, trying to help make a more human response to distress. She is currently one of the expert advisors to the once-in-a-generation mental health reform opportunity, the Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health system.

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