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Ira Glass

Ira Glass started working in public radio when he was 19, as an intern at National Public Radio.

Over the next 17 years he did nearly every production job they had: tape cutter, desk assistant, newscast writer, editor, producer, reporter and substitute host. He launched This American Life in 1995 at WBEZ Chicago. Today, the program is heard by more than 2.2 million people on the radio each week, with another 2.5 million downloading each episode of the podcast. He’s also on the editorial team behind Serial and S-Town .


This American Life host Ira Glass talks about seven things he’s learned over the past 4 decades in radio...

Ira Glass plays and talks about radio and print journalism that has inspired him, including some surprising 1970s-era NPR documentaries which may be long forgotten by most.

Ira Glass brought the first day of the 2012 Third Coast Conference to a close with an audio night cap, by sharing his favorite moments from the year's Third Coast winners and other stories.