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Isabel Vázquez

Isabel Vázquez (@ifvazquez) is Third Coast's Senior Producer.

Before joining Third Coast, Isabel worked at Public Narrative to support local community media outlets. She was also the StoryBooth Intern for StoryCorps in Chicago, where she edited short stories for community partner organizations, while working at a call center. Isabel moved to Chicago after a year living in Indonesia, where she got in only two motorbike crashes. In her spare time, she swaps her headphones for a helmet to skate with the Windy City Rollers on the roller derby track. If she could get paid to play derby, she'd probably list audio as her hobby instead of vice versa.


Today we go from the pentagon to prison to philosophical musings about the sweet sound of the snow shovel.

This hour, what happens when a relationship from your past returns unexpectedly and pulls you back in time?

Re:sound #268 Sleep Happy

This hour, family dramas can span across generations ...or just across the hallway.

Re:sound #271 Sister God

This hour, journeys of discovery, from personal identity to mathematical infinity.


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