Jasmin Mara López

Jasmin Mara López (@JasminMara) is a journalist, audio producer, and filmmaker based in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Born in the U.S. with familial roots in México, her childhood was affected by issues experienced on both sides of the U.S.- México border. This instilled in her a strong passion for immigrant rights, youth empowerment, and social change.

Jasmin is currently working on Silent Beauty , a documentary film about her family’s history with child sexual abuse and an accompanying audio installation with the voices of dozens of survivors that have reached out to her to share their stories, to be shared across the U.S. This project was awarded the 2019 Artist Residency and Fellowship at Ragdale, where Jasmin will build the installation and share her work with local schools in the Chicago area. Most recently, Silent Beauty was accepted into the Chicken & Egg Pictures Accelerator Lab.