Jennifer Brandel

Jennifer Brandel (@JenniferBrandel) is the CEO of Hearken, an audience-driven framework and platform enabling journalists to partner with the public throughout the reporting process.

She is also the founder of WBEZ's Curious City . She's been dabbling in radioland since the early aughts, reporting pieces for NPR, APM, PRI, CBC and playing characters on WireTap and Love + Radio .


Context is a bitch -- just ask mice. On earth they're seen as pests and carriers of disease, but space is another story altogether.

Rudy's Gray Area

Rudy has lived on this bizarre little block since 1953, before a dozen railroad tracks and nearly as many highway lanes separated it from other residential neighborhoods.


Public-powered Journalism

Learn how sharing the mic and megaphone can expand your beat, your stories, and your craft.


The 2017 Third Coast/RHDF Competition awards the following categories: Best Documentary (Gold, Silver, Bronze, Honorable Mention and Directors' Choice), Best New Artist, Radio Impact, Best News Feature, Skylarking and Best Foreign Language.