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Joan Schuman

Joan Schuman's audiophilia whispers into the radio's ear. Documentaries and poetic narratives have aired in the States, Canada, the UK, Europe and Australia in sound art festivals and all kinds of radio spaces.

Schuman lives in Watsonville near Santa Cruz, California, and, since 2004, teaches online audio/radio production and theory classes in the Media Studies department at The New School in New York.

She curates Earlid, a virtual gathering place for adventurous sound artistry and exploratory listeners.



Tripura and Om took temporary vows of silence when they first met almost 20 years ago. Joan Schuman produced this sound portrait of their experience by weaving together their vocal memories with an ambient narrative of chalk scratching on slate.


"Cicatrix" resonates in regenerative acts, resiliency, rootedness, and irreparably damaged nerves as it tries to imagine one woman's language of war.

This hour: phone solicitors, bottle evangelists, a mysterious cassette tape unearthed in the attic, and more.