Kara Oehler

Kara Oehler was a final-round judge for the 2008 TC/RHDF Competition: Best Documentary Award.

2003 ShortDocs Challenge: Thirst

Much of the Sonoran desert between Tucson and Mexico is a haunting wasteland of discarded shoes, shirts, and empty plastic water jugs, discarded by desparate illegal immigrants who risk their lives as they cross the desert from Mexico into the United States in search of better-paying jobs.

Chicago Hustles

Meet Floyd (not his real name), a self-described "cigarette hustler" and part of Chicago's thriving underground economy, where goods and services -- legal and illegal -- are sold under the radar.

This hour: Hustlers. Some are straight-up con artists, and others are just doing what they have to do to get by.


The Sounds Inside

In certain radio stories, sounds exist only in the mind of the storyteller and can't be physically recorded -- like dreams, memories, and predictions. How do you create a soundscape that brings "the sounds inside" to life?

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